A Come-And-Go Summer Predicted

The Summer Solstice is finally upon us.  So, what can we expect of our Canadian summer?  La Niña has been the main driver of our hot summers for the past three years.  However, according to the Weather Network, there is a state of upheaval as we are seeing a rapid transition to what appears to be a significant El Niño event.


With this change, we can expect periods of hot and dry weather with shots of cooler weather across Canada.  In BC and Alberta a hot summer is expected, but cold fronts will bring relief from the heat at times.  Drier than normal conditions are expected in the Prairies with strong to severe thunderstorms, which are typical to the region.  In Ontario and Quebec, the summer heat will lack commitment as frequent cold fronts are expected.  A seasonal summer is expected in the Atlantic with near to above normal rainfall.  For full details, click here.