Weather News: What’s Up for Summer 2022

While parts of Canada saw intermittent summer heat and humidity in May, the first two weeks of June came in with a near cross-country cooldown. The Weather Network’s forecast for the remainder of Summer 2022, however, predicts near-normal or above-normal temperatures for most of the country, but without the extreme heat dome scenarios of last summer. Heat and humidity will combine with the active jet stream to contribute to more stormy weather at times across most provinces.


Looking across the country, here’s what’s in store.

·       Drought and wildfires are less of a concern in BC this summer compared with recent years.

·       Alberta, on average, is not predicted to be as hot as last summer.

·       Southern Manitoba and southeastern Saskatchewan will also be cooler than last year, but with the added concern of further excessive rainfall.

·       A very warm and humid summer is anticipated for most of Ontario, with periods of cooler weather providing relief; several cold fronts tracking across the region are also expected to result in intermittent stormy weather.

·       Heat waves with cool downs are forecast for Quebec as well as potential for storms.

·       And the Maritimes will also likely see more precipitation and increase risk of storm activity as remnants of La Niña track north.


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